Euromoney Institutional Investor

Front End Development

Working with the design team at Euromoney I've had the pleasure of working on a variety or projects. A fun one has been the development of the TV screen in reception. The brief was to display useful local information for visitors and employees as they enter and exit the building. The screen uses a variety of API feeds and displays news from a source of your choice which can be selected on setup.

Information on when the next buses will arrive. Tube and train alerts, the number of bikes and available bike spaces outside the office, the time, date and local weather.

Built using Flexbox and able to cope with screen sizes from mobile to 60 inch TV's, the screen was built in a way that would enable me to deploy a new version of the code without having to manually refresh the the page. Every time updates were pushed to the server all the active screens would check that they were up to date, and if not refresh themselves. This allowed us to make updates to all the screens across the company seamlessly.

The screen also displayed silently if an API feed had failed by displaying a transparent ball pulsing in the left hand corner. Each ball related to a specific API feed so it made debugging easy. The feeds would also fail gracefully.

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